This is my manifesto
Dedicated to the people
It's a tale of meaninglessness
There is no point you see
And no one cares
And I fall into despair

The world revolves around you
Spinning on it's own momentum
You're the star of everything
A zillion years and this is what we've come to
I fall into despair

It's such a grim state of affairs
This plethora of self-indulgence
The more see, the more you want
The more you get (pearls for swine)
The less it means
And I fall into despair

I long to be a memory
Though I'd miss this fine catastrophe
But life is an absurdity
And that's what's killing me

It's all been said, it's all been done
This is the end, apocalypse, my friend
The world goes on, we piss upon your grave
You're so insignificant
And I fall...
Into despair

c 2007  Future Junk Music